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Born on the cusp of Rebirth, one might say Vulka has a rather evolved sum and substance. She's a dreamer with ambition-- her beliefs, theories, and ideals are the truths of this world; and she'll absolutely make sure you accept these truths too. Her mysterious aura drags others in, and her strong conviction is inspiring.

She's instinctive and headstrong, her intuitive knowledge is joined by an impulsive need to act. A natural-born leader that would rather chew her own foot off than follow anyone else. Manipulative, callous, and cruel, Vulka can have a calculating and confusing discrepancy between who she outwardly displays and who she really is within-- she's become accustomed to faking charisma and charm in social settings, leaving others unaware to her true nature. Vulka is a chameleon kind of person, she adapts to different social environments to what exactly others want to see of her.

Vulka does not care when her actions affect others negatively, and oftentimes that is rather her end goal. One may think causing the misery and damage that she does is fun to her. The reality is, Vulka's inner being is a complex and unsolvable formula that twists and turns and spirals, an unidentifiable pattern that cannot truly be figured out or understood by others. Vulka's thought process is strange and mercurial, a puzzle with millions of pieces that don't quite fit together the right way.